painting pictures with words. tongue tickling cheek.

I write short stories, tall tales, love letters, newspaper and magazine editorials, corporate literature, screenplays, and in my diary.
I write about experiences. I flirt with words. I spin sentences. I dance with metaphors. I create new clichés.


“A mistress of the quip and a markswoman of the bon mot.”
~ Shinan Govani, National Post

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Here is an example.


My Story

I was born in the jungles of the Amazon to a family of explorers. My first stories were etched into the barks of the sagacious trees. (Not really)

Real story

Your Story

I write compelling content for websites, blogs, press releases, bios, and newsletters. Everybody has a story. I can tell yours.

What I do


The stories, articles, and clients that make up my collection of work, including The Province Newspaper and OPUS Hotel.

My work

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© Sandra O'Connell 2012
Photo of Sandra O'Connell by Baron S. Cameron

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